Do You Carry the Responsibility of a Leader but not the Title?

6 Skills for Becoming a Leader at Work

Business professionals in a meeting with one standing as the leader.

Are you feeling frustrated at work because you are being overlooked for promotions or succession planning?  Do you feel like you are exceeding your goals, sharing innovative ideas, and moving the company in the right direction; however, you still have not gained a promotion?  Perhaps you have worked hard to move yourself up from entry level to where you are now with great skill, passion and determination, yet…crickets.  Maybe you even carry the responsibilities of your direct supervisor, but others have not noticed.  How can you advance to the next stage in your career and be recognized as a leader?  What a challenge, especially if you work in a more traditional corporate environment. 

Check out the following six skills with tips to strengthen your ability to be perceived as a leader:

  • Collaboration – help with initiatives outside of your scope, share ideas that can improve workplace culture, and represent the organization through memberships and event participation
  • Communication - be clear, succinct, and an active listener
  • Creativity – be unconventional, listen to others’ ideas and concerns, and envision the possibilities
  • Feedback – build confidence, lay out expectations clearly, and provide positive reinforcement
  • Motivation – inspire others to go the extra mile, build employee self-esteem, and encourage others to lead
  • Positive Attitude – develop rapport, be empathetic, and encourage humor

These skills are just the basics.  Why not take it a step further and become a Visionary Leader?  See the potential with your work and lead others to make it happen.  Recognize that there is always risk with change, solutions take time and energy, and collaboration takes great effort. Stay relevant in knowing how your industry is evolving with technology.  Accept feedback from stakeholders, and get buy-in from your staff.  Hold yourself accountable for your vision, be responsible and respectful, and others will follow.  These efforts will help reinforce your leadership skills and demonstrate you are ready for the next step!

“Good leaders have vision and inspire others to help them turn vision into reality. Great leaders have vision, share vision, and inspire others to create their own.” - Roy Bennett

Written by Melanie Rebottini.