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Jobs in 2023 (EST.)


Average Salary

Florida is committed to improving infrastructure such as roadway surfaces, bridges, drainage systems, canals, park amenities, and government buildings to keep up with the growth of its economy. In order to make the necessary enhancements, there is a great need for entry-level and skilled construction workers. Careers within the industry share a similar focus on mathematical concepts, attention to detail, and problem solving.

Construction offers many different career paths and the opportunities for advancement are virtually unlimited, regardless of where you choose to start. You can begin your career in construction with a certification, a degree or you can even jump right in with limited to no experience. There are even apprenticeship and on-the-job training opportunities that allow you to earn wages while getting work experience. If you are inspired to create something beautiful, useful, or meaningful for your community, then construction may be industry for you!

Job Certifications

  • Certified Construction Manager
  • Highway Construction - Level II
  • Construction Health and Safety Technician
  • Fire Inspector I
  • Tower Crane Operation
  • NCCER Certification