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Business Development Board

Palm Beach County's Economic Development Resource

Mission Statement

The mission of the Business Development Board (BDB) is to stimulate economic energy, promote business diversity and enrich the vitality of Palm Beach County through the relocation, retention and expansion of companies to or in Palm Beach County. BDB focuses on business recruitment and expansion, job creation, workforce development, infrastructure, and availability of capital to achieve their economic development goals. Visit the Business Development Board's website for more information.

Workplace Diversity

 Veterans, Persons with Disabilities, and Young Adults


We are committed to serving the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces in recognition of their selfless service and sacrifice to our country. Discover how hiring a Veteran can make a significant impact on your company due to their strong work ethic, transferable and leadership skills, and efficient performance under pressure.

Persons With Disabilities

We believe that hiring people with disabilities is about employing people for their unique abilities, talents, and experience. Learn how hiring applicants with disabilities reduces operational costs and increases overall customer satisfaction, business productivity and employee morale.

Young Adults

We are dedicated to preparing young people for transition into the workforce to meet the hiring needs of employers in our county. Find out how hiring young applicants can add value to your business, spur innovation, and increase customer engagement.