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 Grow Your Brand


Create your personal brand.

If you don't define your image, someone else will.


Make a Statement

Pictures may give a great first impression, but your personal statement will let you stand out.

  • What makes you unique? Do you have a special talent or skill? What do you stand for? What is your passion? Let others know!
  • What unique experiences have helped shape you as a person?
  • Be authentic. Don't be afraid to have your own opinion.

Smile for the Camera

Get a haircut and brush your teeth, too!

  • Keep a consistent, professional photo across all accounts.
  • Use a recent photo of yourself, not a symbol, cartoon, or animal, etc.
  • Face forward and smile, frame your head and shoulders, and dress for the job you want.

Post, Like, Re-Tweet

Social media levels the playing field and gives you a chance to get some exposure.

  • Consistency is key, it will help others recognize and remember you.
  • Post regularly but make sure it is quality content.
Post Ideas
  • Answer a common question in your field of interest, or check sites like Quora for questions others ask.
  • Diversity - Articles you've read or written, videos you like, content you or a colleague have created.
  • It's okay to copy the same post across multiple outlets as it helps save time and energy.

Get Connected

All your branding, skills and experience won't help if you can't get connected with the right opportunities.

  • Go beyond Facebook. Join online communities centered around your professional interests.
  • Create a list of influencers and add them as friends.
  • Give other people public shout-outs when you like their work.
  • Reach out to previous co-workers and employers and maintain contact.

Build your social media presence.

Creating a LinkedIn profile provides a solid foundation for your professional persona.


Write the perfect resumé.

A few simple steps for a knock-out CV!