Programs & Training

The U.S. Department of Labor established the Federal Bonding Program (FBP) in 1966 to provide employers with a free fidelity bond, also considered an insurance policy, to hire individuals that pose significant barriers to employment including:

  • Justice-involved men, women, and youth
  • Individuals in recovery from substance abuse
  • Welfare/TANF recipients
  • Individuals with poor financial credit records
  • Economically disadvantaged youth and adults with little or no work history
  • Individuals dishonorably discharged from the military
  • Anyone that cannot secure employment without bonding services

The program was designed to reimburse the employer for any loss due to theft of money or property up to $5,000 during the first six months of employment.


The Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment (RESEA) Program is a state funded program that provides information on employment services, training programs, and community partnerships to selected individuals who are currently receiving Reemployment Assistance (RA) Benefits.

If selected for the program, individuals are notified via mail by Reemployment Assistance of a mandatory appointment at CareerSource. To prepare for the appointment, please make sure to create or update the following information in Employ Florida:

  • General information: current address, phone number, and email address
  • Background information: education, certifications, licenses, employment from last 10 years, career objective, and ability summary
  • Self-assessment profile: job skills, personal skills, work interests, work values, tools, and technology
  • Résumé: current document in MS Word format uploaded into the résumé builder


Florida’s SNAP E&T Program is designed to assist Able Body Adults Without Dependents (ABAWDs) in obtaining skills through education, training, or work experience that will increase self-sufficiency and lead to employment.

Florida's Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Program enables individuals to move from temporary cash assistance (TCA) to work by emphasizing self-sufficiency and personal responsibility. Florida recipients of TCA must register for work, actively seek employment, and participate in employment-related activities.

The Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Program is a federal program that assists workers who have lost or may lose their employment as a result of foreign trade.

Training scholarships are funded by way of a federal law called the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, also known as WIOA. WIOA is designed to assist eligible individuals with occupational skills training that results in a license, certificate, credential, or Associate Degree in their field of study.

Eligibility for training dollars is based on an individual’s economic situation and certain suitability requirements. Scholarship applications are accepted via our website at different times of the year.

The Young Adult Program offers work readiness programs for residents between the ages of 17-24 who are not in school and/or not employed. The program provides participants an opportunity to earn valuable credentials, explore interests/careers, receive money management training, participate in community service activities and receive résumé building assistance. Individuals may also be considered for internship opportunities and more.

Assisting veterans with their job search and training is a top priority for CareerSource. We offer a broad range of employment programs and career consulting services that make it easier for you to find new employment, transition to a new career or take your experience to the next level. Our career consultants are veterans who know how to effectively translate your military experience and skills for prospective civilian employers. They can partner with you to:

  • Develop a career plan
  • Write a marketable résumé
  • Expand your network
  • Search for the right job fit
  • Take advantage of career assessments
  • Prepare for a successful interview
  • Find training programs and classes.


The Resource Center provides tools and resources needed to prepare clients to successfully search, apply and interview for employment. We act as a bridge between the client and the employer by offering the following services:

  • Résumé builder workshop instructs clients how to create a baseline résumé to highlight professional skills and experience.
  • Interviewing skills workshop prepares clients for their next interview by researching the company, effectively communicate their professional accomplishments and salary negotiation.
  • State certified career consultants provide résumé coaching, labor market information, access to assessments, Federal Bonding, job search assistance and job referrals.
  • Self-directed services allow clients to access computers, facsimiles, telephones, printing and copying services for job search and reemployment benefit services.


CareerSource is a professional environment; clients are asked to please dress appropriately; business attire is required when visiting the Career Center.